R3 is a uniquely global firm with our heart in Asia. We drive greater marketing effectiveness and efficiency for our clients.

Our company was founded in 2002 on three “Rs”:
R1 – Return on Agencies
R2 – Return on Media 
R3 – Return on Investment 

We see ourselves as the “McKinsey of Marketing.” Whereas a CEO has access to independent best practices from McKinsey, Bain, or BCG, and a CFO has access to KPMG or E&Y, a CMO has no such independent partner. We aim to fill that gap. 

Right now, a third of our revenue comes from global clients such as Samsung, Colgate, VISA, Unilever, Mondelez, Akzo-Nobel, and Pfizer. A third of our revenue comes from regional clients such as Mead Johnson, Fonterra, Mastercard and others. And a third of our revenue comes from local clients such as Lowe’s US, Verizon, SingTel, BMW China, Mercedes China, and others.

Within three years, our goal is to have more than half of our revenue from global relationships (currently one third is) and more than two thirds of our revenue on a retainer basis (right now half is.) No other consultancy in our sector has more than 30% of its revenue on a retainer basis.

R3 is now 100 people strong in 11 offices including Singapore, New York, Beijing, Los Angeles, and London. R3 China started in 2007 with a headcount of 1. It now employs 25 people in Beijing and 25 people in Shanghai.

You can read more about us at www.rthree.com 
Also take a look at: 
www.chinacmobook.com and www.asiacmobook.com and www.globalcmobook.com 
Plus our Weibo (@r3china) and WeChat 

Senior Consultant

This position is focused on Business Leadership for R3 China’s clients , as well as contributing insights into global clients and prospects. It’s a highly strategic role and is key to our overall success as it will help us build a better pipeline of prospects which will lead to more meetings and ultimately increased revenue.
The role reports to Sabrina Lee, R3 China’s MD.  She reports to Greg Paull and ShuFen Goh, R3’s owners; we have a very flat structure. 

Play the Key Role in China Consulting Work 

• Take a China lead on all key consulting projects 
• Lead and motivate internal team members to achieve targets and deliver high quality work
• Train and coach team members and manage their overall performance
Please note, that despite offices in multiple countries, R3 works under a single P&L model, which is quite unique in the marketing services industry and allows for far greater sharing and collaboration. We believe this is critical to our long-term success.
Build and Train a Team to Improve, Grow, and Expand
All of our people are pro-active, curious thinkers with a mixture of experience, and have great energy to grow and learn. 
Support Our Expansion into ROI Measurement
Manage the analytical and financial skills to help us deliver the work.
Add to the Culture, Not Change It
Although we work with the world’s largest companies, R3 is very different from a large agency or consultancy. We maintain more of a ‘family’ feel with extensive collaboration, partnership, and no politics. We take pride in what we have achieved, and humility in how we can better ourselves. We welcome ideas and opinions from all levels and it is this accessibility and open culture that we want to build the company on, regardless of geography. For us, it’s more important to have people who fit the culture than go out and hire rocket scientists who don’t.
Act with Integrity
Finally, there is no company in the marketing sector that puts a higher value on integrity and honesty. We handle highly confidential information from marketers and agencies including media cost benchmarks and sales information. The person who takes on this role must be beyond reproach. 
Expected Time Split
80%+ on existing clients; up to 20% on business development .

We Continue to Reward Our Best People and Expand Our Business

For the right candidate, they could expect to dramatically grow their team and their skillset. After five years, such a senior person should also get the potential for more profit sharing and equity in the firm.

The ideal candidate will have strong experience in the marketing services or related sector, and around 10-20 years of working experience. It’s crucial the candidate has a global mindset.

Based in Beijing and no more than 4–5 travel days per month.

We are flexible on compensation which is entirely based on the working experience and capabilities of the candidate. We aim to pay competitive compensation to our staff.
Our current turnover rate at the senior level is below 10%.
R3 conducts detailed six-month 360 degree evaluations and pays generous bonuses when both the company and individual have performed well.
Every year, our whole team does something fun together for three days – past trips include Hanoi, Shanghai, Bangkok, and Taipei.
For those who stay with us, we have specific rewards every three, six, and nine years of service.

Contact email: teresa@rthree.com


By: Summer Zheng


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