HotPotDigital-630-logo2Hot Pot's vision is to be the first choice for ambitious brands looking to realise long-term value with China. 
As a specialist strategy, branding and digital agency, we have a passion for China, and want to help businesses prosper in one of the world's most valuable and challenging markets.
The Chinese consumer is one of the fastest-moving and digitally-savvy audiences in the world. To keep pace, Hot Pot relies on its in-house team of experts, who live and breathe China every day. In collaboration with our clients, we create then execute insight-led and sustainable go-to-market plans, thriving on being able to build brand equity and deliver both short and long-term ROI. 

Based in London, Beijing, Shanghai, we work with iconic global brands in the luxury, beauty, travel, hospitality, F&B, and sports sectors. Boasting diverse global clients including Canada Goose, Hackett Group, Ted Baker, Urban Outfitters, La Mer, Estée Lauder, UEFA, Selfridges, Fortnum & Mason and Hold Renfrew.
We're a passionate team, that is truly immersed in China, and values integrity, collaboration, cultural curiosity, and innovation.

“HOT POT 作为专业战略、品牌和数字的代理商,我们对中国充满热情,并希望帮助企业在世界上最具价值和最具挑战性的市场中繁荣发展,成为它们实现长期价值的合作伙伴。

总部设在伦敦、北京、上海的 HOT POT 与奢侈品、美容、旅游、酒店、餐饮和体育领域的标志性全球品牌合作,拥有拥有包括 Canada Goose,Hackett Group,Ted Baker,Urban Outfitters,La Mer,Estée Lauder,UEFA,Selfridges,Fortnum&Mason和Hold Renfrew 等多元化客户。

HOT POT是一支充满激情的团队,重视诚信、合作、文化好奇与创新。

HOT POT现诚聘数字广告运营专员Digital Campaign Producer (具体JD请查阅下方)希望你是一位有野心、有活力、重细节和有责任感的专业广告人懂得广告活动的创意、策划、执行全过程对零售品牌、体育赛事等有自己的理解与兴趣出色的沟通表达能力,同时也对学习新事物充满激情。

所有HOT POTTER将享受上海K11购物艺术中心的33楼无敌景观,超出行业标准的年薪与休假制度,每年的Outing,生日福利”


广告营销经理 Campaign Manager

在Hot Pot,Campaign做什么,由你说了算

• 靠谱,靠谱,非常靠谱
• 积极进取,真诚友善
• 本科及以上学历,专业不限,海龟加分
• 3年以上数字营销广告公司相关经验,告别什么都得打杂,迎接什么都能把控,这里就是你的坑
• 团队协同工作,和热爱互帮互助不甩锅的Hot Potter们一同做出效果好、脑洞大的高质量Campaign

Reports to: Production Manager
Purpose: Manage the production of campaigns.

“Project” definition:
The delivery of a Scope of Work (SOW). This could be a strategy project, a tactical campaign, retained services, or a combination of some or all of these things.

“Campaign” definition:
A series of activities that share a creative concept and are designed to deliver on a very tactical goal.

“partner” definition (not exhaustive):
Media buying agencies, KOLs, social platforms, CRM platforms, reporting platforms, content hubs, TPs,designers, content creators, UX designers, video producers, developers, event planners. These could be companies, agencies or individuals.

Responsibilities of the role:
Production processes
• Develop a thorough understanding of Hot Pot’s products and services and how they are
• Contribute to the ongoing optimisation of processes, tools and templates for : selecting, briefing, managing partners, and overseeing / approving the quality of their work.

New business support
• Contribute to the creative ideation process.
Project scoping
• Input into the creation of SOWs, identifying any risks or issues.
• Obtain cost estimations from partners.
Project setup
• Participate in internal client briefings, and ensure you have a thorough understanding of the needs of the client, goals of the SOW, project plan, forecasted hours, and budget.
• Brief partners, ensuring they have an accurate understanding of the SOW and project plan.
• Negotiate working terms specific to the SOW, ensuring the needs of the campaign are full addressed, and engaging the partner Relations Manager to support where required.
• Ensure all assets are reviewed and prepared prior to commencing work.

Project delivery
• Ensure you log time spent on projects.
• Act as the first line of quality control for all work produced by partners, pushing back to partners as required. Submit work to the Creative Producer for review and sign-off.
• Escalate project issues to the Project Manager, partner issues to the partner Relations Manager, and anything else to the Creative Producer.
• Score partners on the quality of their work and their service.
• Report on forecasted and actual costs to the Project Manager.
• Review and approve partner invoices prior to submission to the Project Manager.

Campaign reporting
• Produce campaign performance reports for the Client Relationship Manager.

Requirements of the role:
Experience / Skills
• More than 3 years-experience in producing quality, creative campaigns.
• Good understanding of the creative / design / production process.
• A keen eye for detail.
• Experience working to budgets and managing partners.
• Excellent understanding of Chinese platforms / channels / partners.

Personal Attributes
• Culturally aware – you embrace working with different cultures, and you understand the intricacies of working with stakeholders from varying cultural backgrounds and ethnicities.
• Tech savvy – you are abreast of all the latest technologies. You have a passion for learning about better ways to engage audiences in China.
• Assertive and confident – you can comfortably negotiate with, and lead conversations with partners.
• Resourceful – you find creative solutions to problems.
• Organised and efficient – you have no problem in overseeing the production of multiple deliverables across multiple time zones

By: Summer Zheng


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