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Artefact is a new generation of a data service provider, specializing in data consulting and data-driven digital marketing, dedicated to transforming data into business impact across the entire value chain of organizations. We are proud to say we’re enjoying skyrocketing growth.

Our broad range of data-driven solutions in data consulting and digital marketing are designed to meet our clients’ specific needs, always conceived with a business-centric approach and delivered with tangible results. Our data-driven services are built upon the deep AI expertise we’ve acquired with our 1000+ client base around the globe.

We have 1000 employees across 20 offices who are focused on accelerating digital transformation. Thanks to a unique mix of company assets: State of the art data technologies, lean AI agile methodologies for fast delivery, and cohesive teams of the finest business consultants, data analysts, data scientists, data engineers, and digital experts, all dedicated to bringing extra value to every client.




We offer paid professional internships within all of our departments. 

Each internship typically lasts between 6 and 12 months. 

Every intern is assigned a mentor, who will tailor the internship based on
their unique skills and preferences.

Current Openings:
▪ HR Intern
▪ Creative Intern
▪ SEM Intern
▪ Consulting Intern
▪ Insight & Planning Intern

Associate SEO Director

▪ As the Head of SEO, you will need to be an expert in developing and executing SEO strategies across a range of products and brands. In addition to leading the SEO team towards long term business objectives.
▪ Initiate, lead, and deliver the company’s SEO strategy
▪ Lead the SEO team, helping them to manage and implement the SEO strategy you have devised
▪ Provide leadership and direction to the SEO Team
▪ Site Audit, deliver customized SEO strategy and optimization solutions to meet customer needs
▪ Rich experience in SEO Project management, roadmap setting and process control
▪ Quick respond to the customer's temporary needs, communicate and coordinate with customers and third parties to ensure the SEO projects running smoothly
▪ Adjust optimization strategies based on project status 
▪ Work to develop the best practice processes, management and reporting for monitoring SEO performance
▪ Ensure we keep pace and is up to date with innovations within the SEO Industry
▪ Have good knowledge of Adobe & Google Analytics set up, management and able to establish from basic to advanced segmentation/dashboard in the tools
▪ Able to lead analytic reports to review site performance and conclude opportunity & insights for data driven actions on weekly/monthly basis

▪ Minimum 5-year SEO related work experience 
▪ Bachelor degree and above, computer science, mathematics, statistics related preferred
▪ Fluent in English speaking and writing. 
▪ Excellent web analytics skills, extensive knowledge of Google Analytics.
▪ At least familiar with one website analysis tool such as Google Analytics, Omniture, etc, data-driven insights and optimization recommendations 
▪ Familiar with search engines ranking mechanism and optimization principle, be familiar with various SEO tools 
▪ HTML, CSS code proficiency, familiar with JavaScript code is preferred 
▪ Adept at MS Office, especially Excel and PPT 
▪ Diligent, energetic self-starters with good communication skills 
▪ SEO copywriting skill is a plus
▪ Must be able to provide secure experience within technical SEO, content (on and off-site) SEO, in addition to a knowledge of SEO tools, link acquisition and management, as well as experience executing SEO campaign strategies
▪ Must be able to set clear KPI’s
▪ Remarkable experience dealing with agency clients
▪ Highly self-motivated and hard-working with the ability to multi-task efficiently and operate within monetary and tight deadline constraints
▪ Demonstrate your business results showing that you have delivered projects on-time and while managing large budgets
▪ Must be a good influencer, with the ability to work with every brand and product
▪ An ability to connect and form bonds, using a range of influencing skills to drive results
▪ A passion and dedication to technology and innovation

Senior Account Executive

Senior Account Executive (SAE) help to Account Director/Account Manger serves as the primary business contact for the client and is responsible for client satisfaction. Support the day-to-day communication/information sharing and project support needs between the clients. The role will require strong communication, teamwork, project management and organization skills.

▪ Arrange meetings and liaise with clients to understand briefs 
▪ Provide quick response or solutions to client’s requests
▪ Manage numerous ongoing projects with clear priority allocation 
▪ Deal with several client contact persons in the same time 
▪ Debrief job requirements clearly to the internal team members 
▪ Monitor all project stages to guarantee that they run smoothly 
▪ Quality control of all work that is submitted to clients
▪ Create quotation, ensure timely billing and record all the finance status up to date.

▪ Multi-tasking & detailed driven are highly required 
▪ First class organisational skills
▪ Excellent oral and written communication skills in both Mandarin and English 
▪ A pro-active approach to all the ongoing projects and full awareness of processes 
▪ Experience of working as part of a team
▪ Ability to work under strong pressure whilst maintaining a cool outlook 
▪ The confidence to give clients trust in your work

Senior Data Scientist

What you will be doing: Key responsibilities

As a Senior Data Scientist, your role will encompass:
▪ Conducting ambitious projects in the transformation of clients through data
▪ Collaborating with the other Divisions (Activation, Creativity, and Strategy) to provide comprehensive services to your clients
▪ Developing privileged relationships with our clients, using your technical abilities to assist in the transformation of their marketing department

Among your responsibilities as a Senior Data Scientist, you will be responsible for:

Performing data projects 

▪ Securing delivery on your projects 
▪ Communicating your work and achievements among the team
▪ Working closely with your Consulting counterpart to build and maintain strong relationships with your clients and best understand their needs
▪ Ensuring that your solutions are bringing values to the client problematic
▪ Being a good team player, knowing your role and responsibility in the global ambition

Being a great tech person

▪ Demonstrating the skill and credibility required to ensure the success of our clients’ initiatives
▪ Researching and developing new technical approaches to address problems efficiently
▪ Sharing best practices and contributing to Artefact’s institutional knowledge
▪ Embodying Artefact’s values and inspiring others to do the same

What we are looking for
▪ A Master's degree in machine learning, mathematics, computer science, or related fields
▪ Hands-on experience developing and applying data-driven solutions in a corporate or consulting setting, preferably in a consumer marketing context (experience in the web industry is a plus)
▪ Strong knowledge of data processing, data modeling, algorithms, and data architecture
▪ Intellectual curiosity and excellent problem-solving skills, including the ability to structure and prioritise an approach for maximum impact

Project Manager – Digital Business Strategy 

What you will be doing: Key responsibilities 
Reporting directly to the Partner Consulting, your role will be : 
 ▪ Manage projects, or commercial proposal preparation process, involving the management of multidisciplinary teams, including Business Consultants, Data Scientists, Creatives, Media experts…  
▪ Handle clients directly on project assignments (run workshops, client meetings, formal presentations…) 
▪ Bring the best of our expertise from the other Departments to your clients on Data Science, Activation ( e.g., media buying, CRM, …) and Creativity. 
▪ Impact-driven with real sales abilities, you will have to embark our clients into a transformation of their marketing, CRM, Supply Chain departments and make sure Artefact/NetBooster is their preferred partner in this endeavor. 
Among your responsibilities as Project Manager, you will : 
Develop client portfolio (hunting) 
▪ Constantly stay on top of the Data, AI, Marketing content  
▪ Support a commercial strategy to develop the country client portfolio through personal contacts, events, cold calls, … 通过自己的人际关系,社交,电话访问等方法协助商业策划去开发客户。 
▪ Monitor the commercial pipeline 
▪ Build proposals supporting the client needs 
Deliver the highest standards of quality on your projects 
▪ Pilot multidisciplinary teams (consultants, data scientists, strategic planners, media traders) 
▪ Ensure the highest level of quality of output to your clients 
▪ Accountable for the success of the projects from a client and team perspective  
Develop our Global Knowledge platform 
▪ Build stronghold of knowledge through your clients’ engagements (frameworks, methodologies, technologies, …) 
▪ Ensure the spread of the Consulting Department knowledge across the company at local and Global level (in coordination with the Consulting Practice) 
What we are looking for  
▪ Demonstrated success in your first 4+ years of career at a tier 1 consulting firm and have 2+ years of experience managing projects and/or clients.  
▪ Mandarin native speaker, and fluent in English  
▪ Strong interest and appetite in Data, Marketing, Technology topics  
▪ Highly adaptable, able to cope with different topics and situations  


▪ 精通、且具备两年或以上电商品牌推广运营经验(快消,美妆,母婴等类目)。
At least 2 yrs ecommerce campaign operation experience for retail, beauty and parenting business brands, T-mall experience is a must. 
▪ 熟悉天猫淘宝网络销售平台、规则和操作流程。具备天猫淘宝直通车、淘宝客、钻石展位、数据银行、Uni-marketing等推广工具的实际操作经验。
Familiar with T-mall and Taobao network sales platform, rules and operation process. Experience in T-mall and Taobao直通车, 淘宝客,钻石展位, data bank, Uni-marketing and other promotional tools.
▪ 利用数据银行和内部数据平台工具分析用户特征,基于不同类型的客户制定有效的数据营销策略;通过数据银行,帮助品牌店铺管理消费者资产,对品牌AIPL人群进行分析,产出运营及投放建议。 
Knows how to use databank and other data platform to analyze user profiles and adjust data marketing strategy. Additionally, you should support brands’ flagship store in T-mall to manage consumer assets, analyse brands’ AIPL group and propose operation and RTB suggestions. 
▪ 管理电商项目,有良好的团队合作意识,与相关部门沟通、协调资源。
Manage e-commerce projects, have a good sense of teamwork. Communicate and coordinate resources with relevant departments.
▪ 综合生意参谋,数据银行的数据分析(访问量,转化率等),及时调整改进并完善、优化推广效率。 
According the data in ‘生意参谋’ and databank, you should adjust and improve promotion efficiency. 

▪ 本科以上相关专业 
Bachelor’s degree in relevant majors. 
▪ 两年以上的数据银行以及天猫各平台推广投放运营经验 
2+ years databank and ecommerce platform operation experience. 
▪ 在电商推广上有丰富的经验 
Strong experience and knowledge of E-commerce promotion. 
▪ 优秀的组织管理以及商务谈判能力。
Excellent in organizational and business negotiation skills.
▪ 优秀的数据分析能力以及逻辑思维能力 
Excellent in data analysis and logical thinking. 
▪ 良好的书面和口头英语及普通话沟通能力。
Good written and oral English communication skills.

Senior Social Media Planner

▪ Use latest and most innovative methods for obtaining market and consumer insight; includes conducting quantitative and qualitative data research 
▪ Master Chinese social media and be able to build platform strategy by draw up the platform role, content plan and activity plan 
▪ Be able to use your own methodology to build up a social media planning strategy from scratch with the help of team members
▪ Be able to cooperate with creative team to build a social media plan on how to enlarge the creative idea and how to cirulate the brand message via utilization of KOL, social activity mechanism, different platforms, content seeding and paid social AD, etc.  
▪ Confers with different Business Leaders, Digital Marketing Teams and/or Clients to establish digital marketing strategies based on data driven online marketing research
▪ Deliver social media strategies, content plans and Key Opinion Leader plans

▪ At least 3-5 years of experience in insights generation and strategic planning (acquired in a digital marketing agency is a plus)
▪ Solid understanding of integrated digital marketing and performance digital marketing planning (knowledge in brand digital planning is a plus)
▪ Capability of presentation in English is a must
▪ Familiarity in data marketing and data science a plus
▪ Strong attention to detail and a strong analytical mind
▪ Good organisational skills and a methodical approach to work
▪ Experience in web and media analytics is a plus
▪ Experience in use of survey and other marketing research tools is a plus
▪ Self-motivated, results-driven with excellent attention to detail
▪ Good written and oral English communication skills  
▪ Confident presentation skills

Social CRM Executive

▪ Monthly and weekly data analyze and insights based on the Wechat followrs’ behavior analytics via WeChat and Mini Program backend.
▪ Manage Wechat Social CRM programs on operation status.
▪ Assit in designing Wechat user experiences logic to enhance followers engagement and content relevance, and sales performance.
▪ Work with the Social Media Team in driving strategies and executions, especially in the area of Communication/Content Planning of Social CRM programs. 
▪ Assit in sales pitches/proposal creation to effectively sell the Social CRM service

▪ At least 1 year of social marketing experience, with hands on experience in Wechat marketing campaigns and Wechat management
▪ Be familiar with Wechat backend and Mini Program backend.
▪ Experience on Wechat SCRM (segmented post, membership programs) highly preferred
▪ Experience in effective consumer communication including creative strategy and messaging
▪ Strong analytic skills , very good at insights finding 
▪ Good written and oral English and Mandarin communication skills 
▪ Self-motivated, results-driven with excellent attention to detail

SEM Manager

The Search Engine Marketing Manager will be responsible for planning, optimizing, and implementing paid search engine marketing activities with cross referencing to natural search result. This position is key to future growth and will be responsible for the top-to-bottom management of our pay-per-click (PPC). 

The ideal candidate must possess a keen understanding of local Chinese search engines such as Baidu, 360 and Sogou keywords search and other paid search solutions template. Ideally in the agency background with a strong process knowledge in pay-per-click (PPC) management. This role requires the ability to operate on both a strategic and tactical level, touching all aspects of the search marketing roadmap including keyword management, creation of campaign messaging, bidding strategies, creative AB testing, and analytics.

▪ Act as a strong business manager of the search engine-marketing channel. Manage the revenue or KPI performance of the channel by tracking, reporting, and analyzing all PPC initiatives and campaigns; responsible for forecasting and budgeting of channel.
▪ Work with Social Media team in conceptualizing and creating innovative ideas to optimize performance Become a "product expert" in various type of industry, understand the hot issues and new developments, and create an associated keyword expansion roadmap, working with the client or internal account and social team to develop relevant ads and landing page content.
▪ Manage the day-to-day search marketing activities across multiple search engines (Baidu, 360 and Sogouetc) including the campaign planning, implementation, budget management, performance review, and optimization of paid search campaigns.
▪ Responsibilities include keyword research (discovery and expansion), review and editing of creative copy (titles and descriptions), review and analysis of web site performance metrics, and optimization of campaigns.
▪ Grow and optimize our keywords portfolio through testing (A/B and Multivariate) with ad copy, landing pages, bidding strategies, negative keywording, etc.
▪ Develop near and long-term PPC account strategies, roadmaps and execute day-to-day tactics that increase revenue, site traffic, conversion and margins.
▪ Identify and report on key performance indicators, and opportunities for improvement on a regular basis.
▪ Drive continued innovation and best practice implementation, regularly sharing your knowledge with the rest of the search, accounts and business directors.
▪ Work with all team functions – Integrate strategies and recommendations into other active marketing channels such as RTB and Social Media, and the rest of SEO team to implement an integrated search engine optimization (SEO) recommendations such as:
○Keyword research and specifications throughout web site pages
○Keywords recommendations for SEO Link building activities
○SEM navigation and conversion analysis (path to purchase)
▪ Prepare and execute on a SEM plan to establish an international SEM strategy in targeted regions/countries.
▪ Stay current with new advances in search engine marketing, competitive landscape, and keyword research.

▪ Bachelor's Degree required; Marketing Degree preferred
▪ 4-5 years’ experience managing paid and natural search programs in-house or agency environment
▪ Should hold some combination of the following certifications: Baidu Certifications, Google Analytics Certification is a plus but not mandatory
▪ Requires hands-on knowledge of best practices in SEM and a proven track-record of delivering qualified traffic from both an acquisition and conversion standpoint
▪ Experience managing SEM campaigns in Baidu at least 
▪ Ability to write an attractive Ad copy based on the understanding of the product
▪ Analytical skills with ability to drive meaningful actions from data gathered
▪ Proficiency in MS Office – especially Excel and PowerPoint
▪ Ability to multi-task and prioritize in a fast-paced and dynamic work environment
▪ An organized individual with great attention to detail and focus on quality of results
▪ A self-motivated individual; a good team player
▪ Takes accountability and ownership of his/her own work

Copywriter-DFS SCRM 

▪ Write highly creative, engaging and consumer insight-driven contents for digital and social media platforms,including but not limited to WeChat, Weibo, Blogs, Microblogs, BBS/forums, ePR sites, Video Marketing sites. 
▪ Research and source out contents online and create a fresh and interesting story around it 
▪ Inspire and drive team members on content writing execution 
▪ Manage Social Media projects to create, grow Online Communities around brands, and achieve set KPIs 
▪ Track UGCs, analyse and seed contents to create visibility and drive engagement for brands 
▪ Work with Social Media team in conceptualizing and creating innovative ideas to optimize performance ofassigned projects 
▪ Create weekly and monthly reports, and present them to clients 
▪ Be abreast with the latest technology, trends and techniques on China Social Media space and be able to apply them on assigned projects 
▪ Academic Qualification: Graduate of journalism, marketing or related course.  MBA/Master degree holder a plus. 
▪ Capability of understand the objective and KPIs of luxury industry and have the ability to meet internal and external deadlines for contents with accurate understanding on content flow. 
▪ Ability to write highly creative, engaging and consumer insight-driven contents for digital and social media channels. Experience would be a plus. 
▪ With a minimum 2 yearsof working experience. 
▪ Passion for researching and sourcing out contents online, and the ability to create a fresh and interesting story around it. Logical and critical thinking woule be a plus. 
▪ Can inspire and drive team members on content writing execution with clear flow and positive attitude. 
▪ Experience as Digital Copywriter, or work closely with srcm is a plus 
▪ Knowledge in various Digital / Social Media channels including SNS, Blogs, Microblogs, BBS/forums, ePR, Video Marketing, and others would be a plus 
▪ Must be fluent in oral and written Chinese Mandarin. Knowledge in English would be a plus. 
▪ Owning and maintaining a blog with good traffic and interaction rate would be a plus 
▪ Must be residing in Shanghai, China 

Media Business Development Director 

The desired candidate will build relationships with prospective clients and business partners to develop the company's business opportunities and contribute to raising sales and develop the company's image.

▪ Find and develop opportunities, lead pursuits and own the commercial negotiations to close new contracts.
▪ Key stakeholder of media strategy deploy and development.
▪ Support manage the business unit sales pipeline to achieve targets.
▪ Liaising with the local teams regarding of all relevant business
▪ Support to deliver the business unit new business P&L

▪ Search and compose potential lead contacts from various resources (industry network, offline events and online business platforms)
▪ Identify and qualify sales leads 
▪ Lead media strategy conduction, considering consumer insight, business insight to deliver value for our client and close leads.
▪ Keeper of new business lists and following up each Business Leaders for results  
▪ Run and organize company marketing events (Data marketing, performance channels -SEO, SEM, RTB, SMM) – not specifically the speaker but be able to dig new business opportunities after event. 

▪ Fluent in both English and Mandarin 
▪ At least 7 years related working experience, with a good team player attitude. 
▪ Sales driven and good discipline in following up sales leads (nurturing leads)
▪ Strong communication and organizational skills, able to manage requirements in different type of projects at the same time. 
▪ Can work under high pressure
▪ Detail-oriented and easy going
▪ Technical Skills: Familiar with all aspects of digital channels.( incl. SEO, SEM, Social, Programmatic Buying, E-commerce)
▪ New business opportunities exploration skills.
▪ Exhibiting strong strategic and operational decision making skills.
▪ Negotiation skills: ability to use a range of approaches and strategies to build a stronger negotiation base and form long-term relationships.
▪ Language skills: fluent in both speaking and written English.
▪ avvy in identifying potential challenges for the business and comfort taking the lead in solving them.

By: Summer Zheng


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