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 (Associate)Creative Director (Copy/Art Based)

Job Description:
1.Partner with account and planning in strategic thinking to achieve our international clients’ brand objectives and lead to “famously effective” work. 
2.Control the project progress and creative/execution quality.
3.Present and sell ideas effectively. 
4.Responsible for hiring, coaching, evaluating and managing the creative team members. 
5.Maintain awareness of important trends in advertising/marketing; 
6.Keep sensitive to the culture of new generations. 

1.Bachelor’s degree or above. Overseas experience is a plus. 
2.8+ years of professional creative experience; experience in digital/social agency is a plus. 
3.Ability to generate big ideas that can be adopted on multiple media touch points to provide brand experience to consumers.
4.Strong presentation skills and effective client relations skills.
5.Ability to mentor creative personnel and foster learning and excellence among team members. 
6.Excellent in spoken and written English (Chinese is a MUST)

Head of Planning 

Job Description
Report to CEO of Grey group Shanghai
Responsibility: to work closely with account leader and provide communication planning support for all service brand. To work closely with different communication agencies and help client integrate all communication efforts across different media, i.e. traditional, digital, PR, online to offline.
1)experience in channel planning and communication planning
2)have China experience and is living and breathing digital
3)media or digital agency background will be preferred
4) intimate knowledge of the market dynamics
5) ability for integrated communication strategy
6) fluent in both mandarin and English
7) outspoken and with good presentation skills

Account Executive / Social Editor

– social media maintains and operation 社交媒体维护与运营
– content planning and management  内容策划与管理
– dedicated client  服务专门客户
– 1 year+ experience (fresh grade will also be considered)  1年以上经验(优秀毕业生也可考虑)
– strong art sense  。美感好,art sense强。

Senior Content Creative(Copy/art based)

– Job openings for Senior Copy/art based creative
– Possesses 3-5 years of creative experience 
– Addicted to exceptional conceptualization and creative solutions
– Carries a burning fire to work in advertising agency or marketing firm
– Passion for beauty and relentless attention to details is preferred
– Video edit capability is a plus
– Driving towards creating award-winning work
– A team player, great interpersonal and communication skills
– Proficiency in English

Senior Copywriter 资深文案

• 这是一个非常有创意空间的职位,如果你期待做出不一样的作品,请投递你的简历。
• 5年以上工作经验,有4A经验,有digital/Social经验;
• 善于发想概念也能写各种段子;
• 懂得用insight在不同的传播平台链接消费者;
• 请在简历中提供个人作品或有效链接。

Senior Art Director 资深美术指导

• 广告年资 5年以上, 2 年汽车经验。
• 对汽车有热情、art sense 佳、喜欢有创造性及挑战性的工作。
• 熟悉平面、TVC、型录、制作物的视觉操作。
• 熟悉 Photoshop、AI 等软件应用。
• 对 Luxury 品牌有观念,有 Digital 经验更佳。

Art Director 美术指导

• 广告年资 3年以上, 1 年汽车经验。
• 对汽车有热情、art sense 佳、喜欢有创造性及挑战性的工作。
• 熟悉 Photoshop、AI 等软件应用。
• 有 Digital 经验更佳。

(Senior)Account Director / (资深)客户总监

1.Assists the team leader to manage the key accounts
2.Provides logistic support to both the account and creative teams 
3.Ensures high quality and timely delivery of all projects
4.Providing strategic directions in the development of total communication services
5.Managing and optimizing resources to achieve revenue goals for the business
6.Developing business partner relationships with key people in the designated client organizations
7.Striving for the long lasting and sustainable success of our client
8.Handles the financials from quotation to billing
9.Mainly handling ATL and digital campaign

Knowledge requirements:
1.Above 5 years of advertising in 4A agency, global brand experience, with regional role experience will be even better
2.Excellent communication and presentation skills. Be able to convince and influence others effectively;
3.High energy level. Be able to manage multiple tasks and initiatives simultaneously;
4.Fluent in written and spoken English and Mandarin Chinese

客户经理 Account Manager

• 3年以上4A或知名digital agency工作经验
• 熟悉digital Campaign执行流程及ATL项目执行流程(digital优先)
• 有独立跟进完整项目的经验,能独立思考及解决问题,良好的时间管控能力
• 与内部团队及客户形成良好的沟通
• 英语6级,听说读写熟练,有独立撰写英文提案的能力

(Senior) Account Executive (资深)客户执行

• Academic Qualification: University/ College graduate
• Years of experience: 1+ year related working experience in 4A advertising agency

经验要求: 有4A广告公司相关工作经验
• Special Requirement: 
– fluent in written and spoken English and Mandarin Chinese, Pleasant, outgoing
特别要求:英语中文听说读写流利, 活泼开朗

Account Service/Copywriter/Designer Intern

• 热爱广告,愿意投身于广告圈,即使艰辛也能为理想而燃烧
• 思维活跃有想法,有良好的沟通能力
• 每周至少可坐班3天

By: Summer Zheng


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