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Omnicom Precision Marketing Group (OPMG) aligns Omnicom's global digital, data and CRM capabilities to deliver precisely targeted and meaningful customer experiences at scale. Using its universal framework of connected data, connected intelligence and connected experiences, OPMG provides services that include data-driven product / service design, technology strategy and implementation, CRM / loyalty strategy and activation, econometric and attribution modeling, technical and business consulting and digital experience design and development. At the core of delivering these services is Omni, an advanced technology platform that combines a powerful cultural insights engine with massively scaled data insights from first-, second- and third-party sources, including several proprietary Omnicom data partnerships. 


宏盟集团旗下精准营销公司(OPMG)将宏盟全球数字,数据和客户关系管理能力整合在一起,为客户提供目标精准,更有意义的用户体验。OPMG通过其互联数据、互联智能和互联体验的通用框架,提供包括数据驱动的产品/服务设计、技术战略和实施、CRM /忠诚度战略和激活、计量经济学和属性建模、技术和业务咨询以及数字体验设计与开发在内的服务。提供这些服务的核心是Omni,宏盟自己的先进的技术平台,它结合了强大的文化洞察力引擎和来自第一、第二和第三方来源的大规模数据洞察力,包括几个专有的Omnicom数据合作伙伴。


Social Art(2-3年 经验奢侈品/时尚/汽车方向)
Creative Art Director(运动类)
Creative Senior Art Director(润滑油品牌)
Creative Copy(5-7年经验文字功底,叙事能力强)
Social Community Manager(新媒体运营,包括内容策划,设计排版,数据分析,熟悉social各类玩法)


By: Summer Zheng


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